"Artistic and literary agency, we're specialized in foreign rights, translation and consulting"

The Agency

As a passionate reader of fairy tales and legends since I was a child, I have always considered books as the guardians of our wildest dreams and secrets. They offer -each and every one- the possibility to escape into fantastic worlds where, with a bit of imagination, nothing is impossible.

Quite naturally, after my international trade and foreign language studies and over ten years working for publishers such as Editions Artémis, Grenouille Editions, Editions De Borée or Cerise Bleue, I decided to create my own artistic and literary agency. I am thrilled to introduce Smiling Moon Agency, which specializes in foreign rights, translation and consulting. Throughout the years, and many visits to international fairs, I have acquired a sound contact list that today enables me to easily be the link between French and foreign publishers all over the world, giving their work a chance to meet international success and reputation. Being also a translation agency, I can offer my customers the possibility to get turnkey book projects.

As a true lover of my region, Auvergne, and at a time when digital exchanges are made easy, I was adamant that my agency should be located in Clermont-Ferrand. This location offers my customers the possibility to have a dedicated contact far from the Parisian turmoil and a great chance to put their work under the spotlight. As a satellite wishing you the best, the role of Smiling Moon Agency is to take your best stories on a trip around the world…

Vincent Coigny